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October 2016
Eaters' Digest: The Future of Food
57% of South Africans say eating
can be as pleasurable as sex
It takes more than a mouthful to please the average person according to the "Eaters digest: Future of food" which explored how the various food movements are evolving, what trends are gaining ground, and how food brands can regain the trust of customers. The survey draws from a focus of 11,976 people in 37 global markets.

The findings of the study include:
of South African Prosumers seeing themselves as a "foodie", 59% stating that dining in restaurants is one of their favourite social activities and 57% of South Africans of which 41% are men whilst 54% are women saying that eating can be as pleasurable as sex.
of South Africans saying that given a choice between sex and an excellent dinner, they would choose dinner!
of consumers now consider food as effective as medicine in helping maintain overall health. Yet, major food brands are falling short: Only 4 in 10 consumers trust the food industry to provide them with healthful foods and, 74% worry about the health impact of the artificial ingredients they eat and drink
of South African Prosumers trust the food industry versus 38% of the global population, while 84% of South African Prosumers agree that junk food and unhealthy diets are one of the greatest threats facing our species which is much higher than the global number and hence it is interesting.
of South African Prosumers are willing to pay more for locally grown or produced food products. This lags their global Prosumer peers significantly. Affordability is the key to this difference.
of South African Prosumers view diets such as veganism, gluten-free or paleo as fad diets compared to 52% of global respondants.
With the "Eaters Digest: The Future of Food" Prosumer report, we sought to understand how the various food movements were evolving, what trends were gaining ground and, how food brands can best meet the changing needs of customers.
Lou Boxall-Davies, Head of Strategy for Havas South Africa
People are genuinely worried about the healthfulness of the modern diet, with around three-quarters of the people surveyed believing that junk food is one of the greatest threats facing our species. There are tremendous opportunities for food and beverage brands to address this concern – but they must first prove themselves worthy by demonstrating that their products are good for both
consumers and the planet.
Lynn Madeley, CEO of Havas South Africa
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